Reasons For Our Departure/Plans For The Future

It’s been heart breaking for us to accept the fact that we must leave so soon. We truly had expected to be here long term and began investing ourselves in others immediately to build relationships with Arabs and Jews alike and put our roots in here for the sack of the gospel. Sadly, David’s job at Daystar Jerusalem will end January 31st. Daystar has decided to put the studio project on pause until things calm down with covid. Currently, they are unable to get into the country for productions. Unfortunately, without his income from his position at Daystar here in Israel, we will not be able to stay for the lack of funding. It is incredibly expensive to live here- especially Jerusalem. We are so grateful for those of you who have been giving faithfully- and it’s definitely been fruitful. We have had people suggest we look for another position in broadcasting here for David but it is impossible. Our visas are for work at Daystar only. Legally, he cannot work at any other entity in Israel on this current visa.  Complicating the situation is the fact that we do not take the shots. 

     We have prayed about staying and how that could possibly work but we were stopped by the Lord from pursuing that path. We both had a profound ‘knowing’ that we need to go back at this time. We don’t fully understand what that means but we have peace about heading back and have scheduled our flight to leave Israel on Jan 31st arriving in DFW on Feb 1st. The future is not clear as to what we are going to be doing once we get back. We are trusting the Lord will lead us on next steps. Please pray we get clear direction soon.

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