Covid / Vaccine Update From Israel

After 4 approved covid shots,(currently including children ages 5 and up), lockdowns, school closings, green passes, masking, and more, covid is currently raging through Israel. Literally just about everyone we are in community with here, Arabs, Jews and Expats have had or currently have covid or the flu. The ones who have received the shots seem to be getting hit really hard. We are thankful God opened the doors for us to get in the country without getting the shot. We are so sad to think about it but once we leave, we won’t be able to get back in as un-vaxxed individuals. It all depends on what policies Israel adopts in the future regarding covid as to whether we will ever be able to return. The Israeli government seem to be going full speed ahead with the policy that you must be vaxxed to enter Israel- period. Green Passports are required in most places accept grocery stores & pharmacies. Restaurants, cinemas, concert venues and some tourist sites all require one. We have lived in a way that not having one really hasn’t affected us negatively. Most of our time has been spent working on the Daystar studio and ministering to the people we have been in community with.

Please pray for the leadership in Israel to wake up to the facts of what this pandemic is really about and that they will come to the conclusion that this is not how a freedom-centered society operates and that those who have had so many shots will be protected from adverse affects. Also, pray that they will change course on the green passports and open up the country. There is a huge underground, if you will, of people who are not vaxxed and believe in natural immunities. We have connected with a wonderful Jewish man that has been a great resource for us to get some medications and supplements to help combat covid. Even some that are not available in this country. He is able to get them from another country which we won’t mention. We have been able to purchase extra to bless others so they can have a strong resistance against this current outbreak and ones that will come in the future. As the Lord leads, we have shared what we have learned that works to stay healthy and how to build strong immunities and have handed out “health kits” to the sick. 

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