GHS Team

Kim Morter – Founder

Kim and her husband, David, founded Global Hope Strategies in 2015, and since then she has devoted her life to serving the needy, marginalized, and less fortunate throughout the Middle East. She has provided services such as women’s health training, children’s education, facilitated humanitarian aid and medical services. She also uses her skills as an organizer to host teams from the US. She enjoys exploring and discovering new people and places throughout the Middle East, and is looking forward to many more years of serving.

David Morter – Founder

David is the other founding member of Global Hope Strategies, along with wife, Kim, and has been instrumental in bringing functional aid to those in need in the Middle East. With over 30 years of experience in professional Technology Engineering, the knowledge and expertise he brings to the field is invaluable. He is gifted at teaching and training and knows how to recognize the gifts in people and encourage their growth.